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Embedded Systems Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Free Download gartuit habillage blobby roues medias

embedded systems interview questions and answers pdf free


Embedded Systems Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Free Download – Download

















































Embedded Systems Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Free Download, star-crossed by josephine angelini pdf download


.6) What is void pointer and what is its use? The void pointer means that it points to a variable that can be of any typeCareers Interview Placement Test Seminar Projects Soft Skills Tutorials All rights reservedSite Links Careers Jobs Interview Questions Placement Test Seminar Topics B.E Projects Community Write for us Blog Forum Contribute Projects & Seminars Report site issue We’re on Social Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube Google+ Subscribe to our Newsletter Subscribe to our weekly Newsletter and receive updates via email7) What is ISR? An ISR(Interrupt Service Routine) is an interrupt handler, a callback subroutine which is called when a interrupt is encounteredSo, the use of const with volatile keyword makes perfect sense


3) Can a pointer be volatile? If we see the declaration volatile int *p, it means that the pointer itself is not volatile and points to an integer that is volatile4) What is size of character, integer, integer pointer, character pointer? The sizeof character is 1 byteBut to dereference it, we have to type the void pointer to correct data typereturn to the home page.By declaring a variable volatile, we can tell the compiler that the value of the variable may change any moment from outside of the scope of the programwith best answersNull pointer actually means a pointer that does not point to any valid location5) What is NULL pointer and what is its use? The NULL is a macro defined in CThis is to inform the compiler that pointer p is pointing to an integer and the value of that integer may change unexpectedly even if there is no code indicating so in the program c16eaae032

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